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  1. Hanter Сержант

    1 июл 2014

    Чит pennimani1.0 Battlefield 3

    Тема в разделе "Читы для Battlefield 3", создана пользователем Hanter, 19 фев 2016.

    pennimani1.0 Battlefield 3

    This is not a Hack, ONLY a script (Это не Hack, ТОЛЬКО сценарий)

    1. Disable Rawinput in GAme if u having trouble with this getting to work
    2. activate Antirecoil
    3. righ+leftmouse/only leftmouse =script active (choose at " Mouse Button"
    4. edit ur settings ingame via hotkeys : example m16 : if it pulls to much up push pagedown/Bildrunter once,twice .... until its steady
    if it pulls to much right push Delete/entf once,twice..... SEE TUTORIAL VIDEO
    switch to the script interface and type a Name (in Gun settings) and push save
    u can load ingame ur settings for the gun by pushing the numpad button ( will tell u the name via voice)
    5. burst button : select ur button first via interface : it will tell u the button number " Button 6 selected and saved "
    make sure your key has no keybinding ingame ! U CAN NOT USE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
    u can edit the time between shot1 and shot2 and shot3..... like 1shot,100ms pause ,1shot
    delay will be saved as well for every slot
    Changelog 1.0

    Autoreading : reads the weapon out of memory, only for BF3 if it is running
    Autosetting : sets automaticly ur saved settings for EACH gun u have configured
    uses now raw mousedata for better reliability
    uses now singleshot timer burst for better accuracy
    added "first shot " settings for better accuracy
    added "recoil off after X shots " funktion : usefull especialy for MGs
    added correction for timed burst shots

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